Conference “Beyond Work for Pay?” – Call for Papers

The following conference is actually outside the focus of our network because it is not directly related to the lived experiences of basic income recipients. However, it is co-organized by two members of our network (Manuel Franzmann & Axel Jansen), relates to the historical basic income debate and especially concerns qualitative-reconstructive approaches. Moreover, the experiences of basic income recipients may well become an issue there.

Beyond Work for Pay? Basic-Income Concepts in Global Debates on Automation, Poverty, and Unemployment (1920-2020)

Conference at the German Historical Institute Washington | Conveners: Manuel Franzmann (Sociology, Kiel), Axel Jansen (GHI Washington), Alice O’Connor (History, University of California, Santa Barbara)

>>Call for Papers

The organizers will cover basic expenses for travel and accommodation. Please upload a brief CV and a proposal of no more than 750 words by February 15, 2022, to the GHI Washington’s online portal

Manuel Franzmann
Manuel Franzmann
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